1. Kanye interview from before College Dropout. 2003. #neverchange

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    this is what our tax dollars pay for


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  5. I think I like her a lot

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  6. my chick baad

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  7. Leo over everything

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  8. love this 

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  10. I think I’ll date her 

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  11. "I got Tina [Fey]’s email address and typed “Hey, it’s Jason Sudeiks. We’d met a couple of times,” and stuff like that, because of the Second City fraternity, I felt it was okay. I was merely asking, “Do I have to do stand up?” She’s like, “No, don’t feel like you have to have connections, or make it a piece. You could literally say here’s a character that does this, then do it, here’s a character that does this, then do it. Here’s an impression of blank, then do it.” […] So she sends me back that thing, ends it with “Have fun, see you when you get here, rock out with your cock out.”"
    — Jason Sudeikis, on how he prepared for his SNL audition (via msknope)
  12. okay Selena…

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  14. hov taking a selfie

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  15. soon I will dress like this everyday 

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